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• German company for solar energy technology, we have been working in research and studies of new and renewable energy since 2008. • We got Iso 50001 certified for the management of energy systems. • We are an a counsulting group where we develop technical specifications required for projects to improve performance or in the construction of projects. • We have established a online training academy specializing in providing many training courses in the field of new and renewable energy and is accredited by the Society of Engineers in Alexandria. • We own a patent related to a new design of personal air conditioner that can replace traditional air conditioners. • We have professional partnership contracts with several leading German companies working in all aspects of new and renewable energy technologies. • We have a database of companies engaged in supplying solar systems with the best quality specifications and best prices.

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Our objectives as a specialized consultancy office:

Why Solar Energy Is Best

Renewable energy is inaccessible

1_ renewable energy inaccessible, a natural energy sources that contribute significantly, in the generation of various forms of energy, and can be used to heat water instead of gas and electricity or move the car instead of gasoline, or lighting the house instead of electricity.

Save costs

2_ Save the costs of participation in electricity generating companies, it is possible to install solar panels on the roofs of houses, and generate electricity needed to operate electrical tools and lighting the house, thus enabling individuals to obtain electricity from their own sources.

Environmentally friendly energy source

3 - does not need solar energy for the process of burning needed by other fuels, but gives its users clean and pure energy does not negatively affect the surrounding environment and its elements.

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