1. Explain the electrical foundations in a very simplified way (for engineers and non-engineers)

2 - explain the system independent of the electrical network and how to make the most of the battery charger and raise the performance of the system capacity.

3-Explanation of how to design solar panel electrical and thermal at the same time and raise the efficiency of the panel to 88%

4. Includes solar-powered air conditioners and their best.

5 - Includes an explanation of how to provide energy in the central air conditioning of administrative buildings and houses by at least 75%.

6 - Includes an explanation of solar thermal photovoltaic system to obtain electrical energy from a static system.

7 - Includes tourist resorts powered by diesel generators cooking food system in the kitchens based on the thermal losses of these generators and how to use in heating swimming pools.

8 - includes solar heaters and types and how to manufacture using a heat pump instead of electric heater.

9 - Includes an explanation of a gas oven running with water instead of natural gas (innovation from German).

10. Includes a unit for obtaining clean and healthy water from the air.

11 - The project includes a solar-powered villa without the use of batteries and without the use of government services of electricity, water or gas.

12 - Includes the most important personal system for your needs of personal air conditioning or lighting and operate your phone throughout the day through a solar panel foldable capacity of 100 watts.

13 - Includes an explanation of the design of solar irrigation pumps and reduce energy to 20% compared to conventional systems.

1 - We provide you with a training opportunity near your province for a minimum of two weeks

2. Review two projects free of charge with a tender at the best price and quality and a 5% discount on the market price.

• Dissemination of solar energy through the German course of solar technology annotated video system theoretical and practical, as solar energy has become the technology of the future and it is time to work to provide energy in a healthy and safe way for a better future.

• Once you have a German course you can become one of the 50 founding members of the Science Dissemination.

• German will appoint "50 people" of course holders in each city at the level of the Republic to spread the flag and gain an increased material profit.

1- Obtaining a membership card for the International Solar Energy Agency in Germany (ISES).

2- Receive monthly electronic newsletters on the most important topics in the field of renewable energy.

3. You have the right to vote in the selection of ISES members and if you are an active member you can run for office.

4- You have the right to attend lectures live through webnar and members are allowed to inquire about any question and receive a reply.

5 - to obtain an increased financial profit starts from 3000 up to 40,000.

1 - Study the solar energy course for a maximum of two weeks, and pass the test for the two-hour course (open book exam), where we must pass this test to make sure you understand the course in order to be able to speak strongly and properly.

2- The following form will be filled and all the data will be recorded and we will contact you as soon as possible. ( http://bit.ly/Gtss50 )

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